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We offer ideal health insurance solutions individually attuned to the respective needs of expatriates, persons living abroad temporarily oder permanently, immigrants and internationally active companies. These solutions offer you ideal international health insurance coverage – for a lifetime, if you wish.

Whether you are still in the planning phase of your stay abroad or are already there, are thinking about expanding business beyond the borders or already operate branch offices abroad - we are available to you with our competence worldwide and at anytime.

As an independent specialist we work on a neutral basis and without reservations for you. In our constantly up to date portfolio we exclusively list international health insurance plans of the worlds remarking providers.

Your advantages:

  • We consult emigrants, expatriates, persons living abroad permanently or temporarily and internationally active companies. This way we are able to offer custom-tailored solutions for practically every individual solution.
  • We consult you, no matter whether you are already abroad or are still making preparations. You do not have to be in your home country.
  • We are specialized on international health insurances. This focus enables excellent competence and knowledge.
  • We are completely independent from insurance companies.
  • We review the market according to your personal needs and wishes and thus work for you individually.
  • We do not provide standardized offers, but draw up very personal suggestions for you. This service goes without saying for us.
  • We do not limit ourselves to plans in Germany, the UK or the USA but offer you solutions of providers from all over the globe.
  • We not only service you before, but also during and after the duration of your contracts.
  • We inform you about changes, news, and improvements that involve you personally. This way you as a customer are always up to date.
  • Among other things, our service also includes the ongoing market research for the entire duration of your insurance contract. We inform you if a new plan from the same or another provider seems to be more attractive for you compared to your previous health insurance coverage. You decide whether a change of providers is of interest to you.
  • Our service is free of charge for you!

Contact us or get your free personal quote directly by using the quotation form on our website www.osdinternational.com.

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