Nashonuma Pakistan is all about making sure that every family in my city will have access to quality and naturally grown food products without having to spend a fortune just to be able to find the suppliers; and to spread awareness among the society about the importance of active life style - and the project . We will do everything I can to make sure that our children switch from playing games on their smart phones to going out to parks and streets to participate in physical sports. The balance between indoor and outdoor activities is important and parents are responsible to help their children strike the right balance. At the moment, the team Nashonuma are determined to work out the logistics to deliver high quality, natural and pure food products including but not limited to pure and unprocessed milk, pure cheese, organic (desi) eggs, free range (desi) chicken, broiler chicken (that meets European API standards), homemade processed chicken/meat products, fruits, vegetables and nuts - all at affordable prices. On the other hand, we have taken up the challenge of providing the tools for parents to bring about a change in their children's and their own life style. I see Nashonuma growing into something really big; an agent of change towards healthy and active life style in Pakistan.

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