Dr.Benedict's Cardiac Surgery

Bengaluru, 560029

Dr.Benedict, who has worked with country’s finest surgeons at most reputed hospitals is currently providing his valuable services at Bangalore, Vijayawada and Chennai.

Even though known as a Paediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr.Benedict also serve for adult patients too. Having rich experience in cardiac surgical department, he is well in providing heart surgeries mainly congenital and degenerative heart defects. T

he core competencies of Dr.Benedict are Paediatric Cardiac Surgery;Mitral, Tricuspid, Aortic and pulmonary valve repair.;Neonatal cardiac surgery;Valve preserving TOF repair;Thoracotomy ASD repair. Re-do operations;Maze procedure for Atrial fibrillation;Pacemaker implantation;Thoracic sympathectomy for refractory V.T

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