Christine Lesny, General Practioner- Complementary medecine

After having sucessfully completed  my Medical Studies at Hamburg University / Germany I have been living and working in different medical fields in 5 different countries over the past 21 years. 

I did a postgraduate training as GP at Southampton University completing this course with the UK General Practioner Diploma in 1999.

11 years I experienced life in Expat communities myself and for 6 years I have run a Practise for General Medecine with over 90% expat patients where I gained a lot of experience in treatment of patients in this particular life situation including the special treatment for Third Culture Kids.

After returning to my home country  in 2013 I started a private practice in Hamburg for Generale medecine. I am concentrating on patientorientated and holistic work as a familydoctor. In addition to being specialised in all aspects of Expat medecine I am experienced in complementary medecine where I am also holding diplomas. 

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