UpSmiles makes you smile better and brighter. We are a direct to home invisible aligner company that delivers professional results in half the time and half the cost as compared to any other treatment available on date. UpSmiles mission is to make everyone smile better.

UpSmiles licensed orthodontists and dentists prescribe and oversee every aligner treatment plan. With flexible financing plans, UpSmiles is affordable, easily accessible, and convenient for any age group between the ages of 16-65.

Benefits UpSmiles:

  1. Affordable Pricing

  2. Dental Professionals, Not Salespeople

  3. Fair Pricing 

  4. Easy Payment Plans

  5. Whitening Pens & Retainers Included

Lisit of Products

Teeth Impression Kit

Invisible Aligners

Teeth Whitening Kit

LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Orthopluse Orthodontic Tool


Teeth straightening treatment

Invisible aligners treatment

Teeth whitening kit

Crooked teeth treatment

Teeth misalignments

Teeth colored

Why to Choose UpSmiles

  1. The Safe Choice - Dental professionals, not salespeople.

  2. The Right Price - Only pay for the treatment plan you need.

  3. Fastest Treatment - Get your perfect smile in half the time.

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