ADS American Dental Studios

Viale Europa 331
Vaile Castel Porazino 434/F
Rome, 00100
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+39 3 339 061 799

                                  American Dental Studios offices

    1) Rome EUR Via Europa 331-only 100 yeards from  METRO EUR FERMI (Near NATO College)

    2)  2ND Dental Studio in Infernetto, Rome -Viale Castel Porziano 434/f

Our group of dental professionals provide complete dental care using the newest dental technology!

We at the American Dental Studios: 

are available for appointments and emergencies everyday, including Sundays.

  Call us for appt: 3339061799 or Email [...]

Our group of 4 dental  professionals includes an Orthodontist, Implantology  Specialist and our Canadian Root Canal Specialist (who can complete Root Canals finished in one appointment using the latest computer technology);  all our dental professionals provide complete dental care using the best and newest dental technology
Director Sanitario Dr. J. Edward
Shepard DDS, BS (U of M) with almost 40 years experience

                               Transportation can be provided.

           Available for emergencies, also on Sundays and holidays.

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