Rejuve NYC

York Ave, 1550
New York, 10028
United States

Looking good is good business! For most of us, our main priority after our health is looking after our skin and how we look in general. It’s common knowledge that the way we look affects the way we feel.  It is therefore a perfect opportunity for you to entrust your desire to look and feel good into the hands of someone who can also look after your health; the incredibly competent Dr. Marina Gafanovich. Dr. Marina is a top New York Primary Care Doctor with vast experience. She is very meticulous, highly professional and at the same time, very friendly. Her demeanour is reassuring and she has the enviable ability of calming the most distraught nerves. With several years of experience, Dr. Marina is adept at recognising her patients’ needs and offering them the best course of treatment. She goes through hr patients’ requirements and options in understandable terms and without medical terminologies. According to one of her patients, “Dr Marina Gafanovich is certainly the best doctor I’ve ever met! After just afew visits, I look 15 years younger. Amazing job!”. To have the same or similar testimony, contact Dr Marina today at RejuveNYC, 1550 York Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States or call ahead on (212) 518-4529 and schedule your consultation.


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