Liposuction makes you look fit and healthy

Everyone wants to have a perfectly shaped body, but there are certain stubborn areas from where they cannot get rid of fat. Liposuction is a method to remove fat from the body through suction to help one to get rid of fat. The burnt tip tubes are inserted in the body through small cuts in the skin and the fat is suctioned out through these tubes. Liposuction is a technique to improve body contours which is performed on face, arms, buttocks, neck, thighs, etc. Liposuction uses small suction mechanism to target specific fat deposits under the skin.

Liposuction Procedure:

The Liposuction Dubai procedure is very much in demand. This surgery is performed under a local anesthesia and it is combined with intravenous sedation. The styptic and anesthetic solution is injected via incision which is 3mm long. The fat swells up and the fat cells become more liquid. The subcutaneous fat is sucked out using a thin needle. The fat is removed from the marked area by doctor. The session may last for 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the amount of fat that has to be removed.

The day the patient is undergoing the Liposuction Dubai treatment, they should fast. Photos are clicked before the treatment and a number of pre-operation tests are carried out, like blood pressure, heart beat, etc. Doctors carefully mark the areas that need to be treated. Better techniques and specialized instruments are used by the surgeons for the procedure. They would advise the patient before the procedure, so the patient can take good care and avoid accumulating fat again in the body.  

Precautions that needs to be taken before liposuction:

If your general health is good and you don’t suffer from a tendency of bleeding heavily, then you can undergo Liposuction without extension pre-examinations. Adequate medical examination, radiography or blood tests are advisable before liposuction. Prescribed supplements will be suggested by doctors that you would need to take if you have vitamin deficiency.

After Care:

One needs to be on rest for three days and take the prescribed medicines or antibiotics. One can remove the girdle while taking shower and resume daily activity within a week. After the procedure the treated area is usually supported with elastic bandages or girdle. One should wear the compression garments for 2 or 4 weeks. The compression bandages provide support, which will comfort you. The girdle assures that your skin will become tight and nice. One can wash and dry the girdle quickly.


Going for Liposuction Dubai treatment is absolutely safe and gives one quality results. It is a popular cosmetic procedure where the benefits are often more than aesthetic. Skin will fit easily to the reduced contour and help you gain that lost confidence back.

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