I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian, based in Brisbane, Australia.
I lived for 10 years as an expat in South America. I loved that.
But I do know that living as an expat - and raising a young family as an expat - presents special challenges to diet and nutrition.
Different foods, different ingredients, different markets.... lots of opportunities and challenges.
I provide consultations via Skype and telephone via WhatsApp.
I have also traveled in Asia, Europe and Nth. America.
Dietitian and Nutritionist consultations for:
• Wellness and preventative health for different age groups.
• Over 50’s nutrition for changing needs. Stay healthy and prevent or reduce nutrition-related diseases that occur with ageing.
• Health conditions such as diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.
• Weight concerns, increase or reduce your weight according to your needs.
• Heart health to help control high blood pressure and high cholesterol through diet and lifestyle changes.
• Digestive disorder consulting, including diverticular disease, indigestion and heart burn.
• Dietary modifications for protein, carbohydrates and fats to meet your needs.

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