True Power Breathwork Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 1058
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True Power Breathwork Amsterdam is a space for healing abd integration. Beath to feel more alive.

This method is a holistic approach to the emotional and physical healing based first of all in the professional training I have received in the past from my teachers and secondary but very important from my personal experience and transformation. I serve by example. The knowledge I navigate is traditional Vajrayana Buddhist practice, Feeding the Demons by Lama Tsultrim Allione transformation of inner shadow practice, Temple Arts healing techniques, Zen mindfulness technique, Kundalini energy and life force activation practices, Body De-armouring techniques.

According to all above teachings the physical body is consisting of energy or vibration. Everything vibrates in the universe with certain frequency. If we would not accumulate any emotional storage in the body and nervous system we would emanate with high vibrational frequency. Unfortunately usually  we hold a lot of physical and emotional tension   within, which causes low frequency resonance. And so we attract low vibrational people and circumstances. 

In our natural state the body is a container for high vibrational energy.  When we have full access to our life force energy what happens we can easily manifest our wishes.


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