Jiyyo Innovations is one of the leading and strongest healthcare services providers in rural and urban areas of India via telemedicine. Jiyyo offers a wide variety of services making use of telemedicine in different ways as follows:

1.) Jiyyo Mitra E-Clinics - providing healthcare in rural areas of India

Jiyyo is establishing the easy to set up and most cost-effective E-Clinics for healthcare services in rural parts of India. Here, the patient has to just walk in and can have a direct video consultation with the doctor to get the e-prescription. This way Jiyyo is not only offering topnotch healthcare services in rural parts but also is proving to be the income source for many people via these E-Clinics.

2.) Jiyyo Lyfe App - Consult Doctor Online

Jiyyo Lyfe App is a direct doctor-patient consultation app, in which all you need to do is just signup inside the app, search for your doctor on Jiyyo’s panel as per your symptoms, pay the consultation fee online, and have a direct video call to get all the solutions to your health problems at the ease of sitting in your home.

3.) Jiyyo Telehealth App - For doctors

Jiyyo Telehealth App is for doctors who want to go online, increase their reach among patients online, maintain patient records online. This way Jiyyo is contributing to Doctor’s community as well.

4.) Biomedical Waste Management and Tracking Software

Jiyyo’s barcode system helps hospitals and clinics for biomedical waste management and tracking. At Jiyyo, we have developed an Android-based mobile app as a barcode solution that meets the requirement of labeling each bag with a unique number, identify the location along with date/time, and track it between source and destination. The system works on real-time data capture, avoids human intervention for data-entry, proper authentication and captures all required information. Such data is immediately available for Reports via web-portal that can be accessed by authorized users in hospitals, authorities, and related staff.

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