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In Life, most significant is not what happens, but in how you react to what happens. A reaction within yourself usually starts with an emotional response, which sets the modus-operandi you're getting into. 

It is great to have tools to directly access this modus operandi, as it takes great effort of the conscious mind to alter the path determined by this modus. I work following this principle, the innovative aspect is that I explore this modus strictly on a sensory level. 

With me you can learn meditative techniques to gently unwinding a negatively charged modus operandi. Releasing negative vbes deeply affects your attitude towards a situation, and therefore greatly affects the outcome. This work also accelarates your personal growth, as you stabilize foundation of your personality.

Currently I offer a free introduction course by email, what you will learn is a basic release technique, suitable for any kind of feeling, whether the feeling originates from relocation, work, disease, or events in your personal life. Please take a moment to have a look on the website.

If you like the free introduction course, and it gets you good results, I am available for private lessons on skype. These lessons serve to refine your skills, assist you in applying it to your personal situation, and to show you more advanced (quicker) ways to work.

The density of your schedule is not that relevant, as you will learn to include the hectic vibe of the day into your 10 magic minutes of daily practice. This way of learning will help you relax under a full schedule and therefore gets your results right from the start.

I speak native Dutch, fluent English and quite reasonable German. International payments are the easiest through Paypal.

I'm looking forward to work with you, have great day.

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