West Auckland Physio

Great North Rd, 4339
Auckland, 0612
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West Auckland Physio is one of Waitakere’s premiere clinics. Our team provides a wide range of physio services including manipulative therapy, rehab exercise therapy and acupuncture, always with your specific condition in mind. Whether your problem is the result of a chronic condition like arthritis, a sports injury, workplace mishap, car accident, or recurring headaches from ergonomic, or postural problems, we can help you achieve greater mobility, a faster recovery, and a pain-free life.

At any time our physiotherapy clinic is filled with athletes and non-athletes alike ranging in age from 10 to 95. Our patients are recreational and elite athletes; business professionals and manual labourers; computer programmers and avid gardeners.  We treat the fit to the not so fit, acute and chronic ailments, spinal, muscular, and joint injuries.

We provide a friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere, and before we start your physiotherapy treatment, we listen because we understand that no one knows your body better than you.  We work with you to restore mobility, strength and function, so you can return to your normal work and leisure activities.

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