Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI)

Volokolamskoe Shosse 4
Moscow, 125993
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MAI is committed to give the most advanced education in aerospace technologies.

  • The level and quality of instruction is well known both nationally and internationally throughout aircraft and aerospace institutions, design offices, industrial enterprises and companies, flight control centers, scientific research centers.
  • Courses at the institute offer superb instruction at the theoretical level as well as numerous opportunities for practical application.
  • Tuition and fees are reasonable for all.
Message from the Rector

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University) is one of the world-leading engineering universities dedicated to aerospace technologies. More than 140,000 students including 1,000 international students from 40 countries have graduated from MAI after its foundation in 1930. The present-day MAI is a unique institute of higher education where a thorough theoretical knowledge combines with various practical skills. More than 120 laboratories, 3 student design offices, numerous computer centers, an experimental-design factory, and an aerodrome are available for our students.In October 2009, the MAI was ranked among the 12 best universities of the Russian Federation. The rank of a “National research university of aeronautical and astronautical engineering” was conferred to our institute by decision of the Russian Government.The Moscow Aviation Institute is an advancing multiple-discipline academic and research center which provides students with the current-technology knowledge to rank as a qualified scientist and engineer all over the world.

A.N. Geraschenko
19th Rector of MAI

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