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Thousands of students from virtually every Nation around the globe have benefited hugely from having followed lectures at Jiao Tong University ICEC. Many of them have earned a valuable Jiao Tong University certificate that has helped them in their careers or enriched their personal life.

Jiao Tong University ICEC lecturers are professional teachers and/or experts in their particular field of expertise and bring to the program not only a high level of academic knowledge, but also the knowledge and skills that can be gained only through years of practical work experience.

Adult Education Courses

JiaoTong University ICEC'strengths are the delivery of high quality and universally acclaimed business and language courses. As are the ever popular short courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Digital Photography, Interior design, Fashion design and marketing and many more.The complete Course program is listed below:

Business Courses
    • China MBA
    • 中国工商管理研修课程
    • How to do business in and with China (Seminar)
    • Project Management
    • Hotel Management
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Business Information Technology Course
    • Art in China
General Interest Courses
    • Fashion Design - Design and couture your own Chinese Qipao dress
    • 中国伝統のチャイナドレスデザインコース
Computer And Software Courses
    • Information Technology In China
    • 运行支持系统(OSS)研讨课
Daytime Chinese Language Courses/語学コース
    • Chinese Language I (beginner)
    • Chinese Language II (intermediate)
    • Chinese Language III (advanced)
Evening Chinese Language Courses/語学コース
    • Chinese Language I (beginner)
    • Chinese Language II (intermediate)
    • Chinese Language III (advanced)
    • Business Chinese (I, II & III)
    • Speed Oral Chinese (I, II & III)
Private VIP one-to-one Chinese language courses
    • CHINESE 1 TO 1 (Private tutor)
    • 中国語コース
Be an English teacher in China
    • TEFL Teach English as a foreign language
English language courses
    • Oral English
    • Business English
Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine beginners
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine advanced
Children’s Summer Camp & Courses
    • Children’s Summer and Winter Camps
    • Chinese language for Youngsters
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