Hua Fan University

No. 1, Huafan Rd. Shihding
Dist., New Taipei City 223
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+886 26 632 102

Huafan University At a Glance

Highly acclaimed by both local communities and around the world, Huafan has a strong commitment to applying knowledge in campus environment, research, teaching, and in services to society.

1. Education of Enlightenment and Virtue Education as Priority
The Ven. Hiu Wan, founder of Huafan, advocated "Education of Enlightenment" as our ideal. She also proposed “Integration of Humanities and Technology with Equal Emphasis on Mutual Enrichment of Compassion and Wisdom” as our educational guidelines. These involve self-awakening, self-development and rational thinking based on Chinese ethics and Buddhist compassion. Our objectives are to cultivate the students' academic competency as well as to foster deeper understandings of virtue behaviors, thereby gradually alternate the integrity of their personality. In order to help students achieve these objectives so as to ultimately enjoy a progressive life-changing experience with individual visions, Huafan has been dedicated to implement an array of consulting seminars, curricular improvisations, and societal activities.

2. Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Faculty: 
Huafan is proud to have received “Teaching Excellence” awards from the Ministry of Education. Since 2006, for four consecutive academic years, Huafan is awarded a total of NT$190,485,000. Among the 71 universities (not including Two-year and Four-year Institutes of Technology) in Taiwan, Huafan is one of the nineteen universities to be honored by MOE as an excellent model of higher education. As Huafan regards students as the core component of a university, our small-size classroom has brought great impact to the practice of excellence in teaching. Together with varieties kinds of research activities and a series of consultation workshops, Huafan has become a representative school for teaching excellence. Under the auspicious of MOE’s Teaching Excellence Project, Huafan established a “Teaching Innovation and Development Center” in 2006, devoting to develop and design a wide variety of innovative teaching activities to further enrich our academic quality and to build a more positive attitude in learning.

3. Emphasis on Student Consultation and Experienced Mentor System
The Ven. Hiu Wan had high expectations for University faculty to play not only the role of professional researchers but also of experienced mentors who work as student consultants. Prior to educational excellence in order to ensuring teaching quality, Huafan is keenly aware of the importance of providing instructional services and consultation for students. In order to enrich students’ learning and life, Huafan has adopted mentor system and peer study groups as two educational strategies. For making classroom an encouraging learning environment, students will autonomously seek help from each other. On the one hand, those who are excellent in certain subjects can lead their peers for further discussions and experiments. As a result, students learn to develop higher and healthier EQ while incorporating knowledge of their specialties to consolidate strong interpersonal relationships among peers. In 2007, Huafan established the “Student Career and Life Development Center” and “Student Learning Resource Center,” which are structured originally from the earlier student affair consultation system. Together with our full-time faculty mentor system, Huafan endeavors to provide advices and assistance to support students in academic learning, personality cultivation, and career planning.

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