D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Miusskaya Campus
9 Miusskaya square
Moscow, 125047
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+7 ( 499)9 789 777

Since its early days of existence, D. Mendeleyev University has been training highly qualified engineers for industrial needs. This area of training has retained its utmost importance over the years. The content of training has undergone a major qualitative shift. The University graduate must be able to deal with the challenges in a comprehensive manner, and take care of the research, production, environmental, and personal development issues all at the same time. This is the only way to secure the sustainable development.

Chemistry is a science that is capable of enhancing progress not only in the chemical industry, but also in the entire national economy. Modern high-performance technologies developed within the machine-building, aviation, and space sectors use the innovative materials worked out by our research staff, which by far exceed the conventional ones. We address the issues of environmental safety, develop low waste, resource and energy efficient technologies, and innovative energy sources.

The role of the Russian science increased over the past few years. Now we work in the field of biotechnology, microbiology, nanotechnology and a number of other research areas. Our University has huge responsibility, first and foremost, in the area of personnel training for the needs of the science-intensive technologies, nuclear power engineering, and defense industry.

Specialists trained by our University are capable of supporting the full production cycle at a chemical plant. Lately, we've been confronted with the task of training managers, sociologists, industrial environmentalists, and IT professionals in addition to chemical engineers. We do provide such training now.

D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (MUCTR) joined the Bologna Process to build a single European Higher Education Area and switched to a multi-level training, introducing Bachelor and Master degrees, while retaining the traditional professional training procedures.

The University has adopted the innovative development strategy aimed at enhancing the research, teaching, and managerial activities.

Our University is home to Methodology Association, which deals with the educational issues in the area of chemical technology, and biotechnology. MUCTR is responsible for preparing educational standards for higher school establishments, developing the manuals, study aids, and academic programmes for use at high schools and colleges.

Currently, D. Mendeleyev University is among the leaders of Russia's technical universities, and has the highest rating among Russia's chemical technology schools. The University graduates occupy leading positions in the areas of research and production, government authorities, and small and large businesses. We are proud that over 40 of our graduates have been elected academicians and correspondent members to the USSR Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The University is imbibed with the spirit of creation. We conduct festive shows and the Club of Humour panel games. The University has its own brass band and an academic choir. The Anomaly Student Club and Irina Arkhipova Music Lounge are also very popular with the students. The students can use their leisure time to engage in athletic activities, such as track-and-field events, cross-country skiing, football, volleyball, aerobics, wrestling, badminton, mountain climbing, etc.

The University does its best to provide its students with an outstanding professional training and to make their lives full with interesting and exciting events.

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