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55 Hwa Kang Road Yang Ming Shan 111
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Founded in 1962 and tentatively named Far East University by its founder, Dr. Chang Chi-yun, Chinese Culture University (CCU) was originally christened College of Chinese Culture by the late ROC President Chiang Kai-shek, henceforth mapping out the direction of its future development and educational ideals.

To many, the essence of Chinese tradition consists in literature, history, and philosophy, while the merits at least of modern Western civilization have been science and democracy. Yet, Chinese culture if it is to continue to grow and prosper in its present historical and global setting must inherit the best that the East and the West has to offer. It is for this and other equally pressing reasons and in light of the challenges faced by our young in Taiwan that CCU from its inception conceived an undergraduate program comprehensive enough to include all that is relevant in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Long ago the sage-teacher Confucius created the six arts of education. Li (propriety) and Yueh (music) aimed at cultivating character and personality; She (archery) and Yi (charioting) aimed at training physical prowess; and Shu (academic studies) and Shu (arithmetic) aimed at developing the intellect. The arts, particularly the tradition Chinese arts, and physical education were therefore among the earliest departments established. After over forty years, it can well be say that the original disciplines concentrated in the arts that have played a leading role in the academic world remain culturally and professionally relevant and in the forefront among Taiwan universities. Such pioneering departments as Chinese Opera, Chinese Music, and Dance continue to enjoy nationwide fame as they are staffed by a faculty of specialists known to be masters in their fields of expertise. The University Museum, the only one of its kind in Taiwan, houses a wide array of artistic works of calligraphy and paintings. Its periodic exhibitions and workshops have helped promote art education.

According to the University Laws and the Private School Laws of the Republic of China, CCU consists of a Board of Trustees and administrative units such as Academic Affairs Department, Student Affairs Department, General Affairs Department, School of Continuing Education, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Library, Information Center, Military Training Office, and Physical Education Office.

The Academic section consists of 12 colleges: College of Liberal Arts, College of Foreign Languages, College of Science, College of Law, College of Social Science, College of Agriculture, College of Engineer, College of Business, College of Journalism and Communication, College of Arts, and College of Education. The School of Continuing Education aims at promoting education that cannot be obtained through normal academic channels. 

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