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Campus-Channel is your decision-making tool for your education in France. Our mission is to facilitate and enrich the communication between prospective students and institutions of higher education in France. The service is free and easy to use for all! 

  • Unique: It is the only online platform that broadcasts live videos in which prospective students can directly interact with representatives of different programs.
  • Transparent: Our education journalists keep the directs honest to get the most accurate information for the students.
  • Exclusive: They get exclusive stories on degree programs and campus life.

Your diverse decision-making tools:

  1. Live Interviews: Ask your questions live to the program directors and current students!
  2. Welcome to: We are taking you on a ride around the Campus!
  3. Campus Insiders: Wanna know the truth about your future campus? Our campus detectives investigate.
  4. Ex-peers: In the end, are the degree programs useful professionally? The graduates answer.

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