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If you are looking for an online Quran Teaching institute, QuranTutor.com is the ultimate choice you have. It provides online Quran Tutoring services and various courses that are designed to specifically improving your Quran Reading and Reciting abilities.

Quran Teaching Courses

The courses being offered and taught at QuranTutor.com are as under:

  1. Quran Memorization Course
  2. Quran Recitation Course
  3. Quran Translation Course


Why Choose QuranTutor.com

  1. Offers Online Tutoring - That means, you do not need to drive your kids or yourself to a Mosque or any place. Simply, by loging into your skype account, the tutoring process will begin and your journey towards learning Quran will start at its best.
  2. Qualified Teachers -   QuranTutor.com Academy has numbers of tutors who are not only equipped witht he latest Quran Learning and Teaching techniques, but also are aware of the Modern General Tutoring. This is where QuranTutor.com becomes special and distinct from other online Quran Learning academies.
  3. Multiple Courses - The QuranTutor.com offers multiple courses from basic Quran Reading level to an advanced level which gives a student an opportunity to start learning Quran from a feasible course.
  4. Female Tutors -  You can also opt for female teachers if you feel uneasy to attend classes from a male tutor.
  5. Cost Effective - The cost per course is minimal that makes it easier for anyone to afford the classes.

Now, this the best opportunity for Muslims who are looking for Online Quran Reading classes for their kids or themselves. Go to the website now, and register for the trial classes to drive your cause to a dream fullfilment.

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