I Can Speak Swedish


Get plenty of practice and speak Swedish quickly with online classes with native teachers. We can help you whether you are planning to use Swedish for business, pleasure or a little bit of both. One of the challenges with a new language is to feel secure enough to dare to speak, that is why we focus on oral fluency and making as well as correcting mistakes in class, so that you will be better prepared for real situations.

After a short introductory course our student will be able to: 

  • Introduce himself/herself and introduce other people.
  • Describe everyday situations.
  • Make some basic small talk about weather, family, trips, hobbies, work.
  • Describe objects in singular and plural and ask questions about objects.
  • Describe people in singular and plural and ask questions about others.
  • Order food in a restaurant.
  • Make simple purchases, ask about prices.

We also offer intermediate, advanced and specialized courses. 

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