Europe Innovation Business School (EIUBS:, Brussels provides various courses on Data Analytics and Business Management. 

Data Analytics and Decisions:
This course is for anybody who wants to master Decision making based on data analytics. If you are heading a business with a lot of input, output or retail sales or maybe if you are an MBA, then this course in Pune is for you. Even if you are a student who wants to get a career in consulting, then this course would be a valuable addition to your resume.

The teachers of this course are renowned experts in the subject and have wide-ranging experience in the field of decision theory, data mining and warehousing and data analytics. More importantly this course is delivered online so geographic location / physical presence for the course is not a mandate.

The topics covered in this course include:
· Use of decision making framework
· Nature of data and learning to organize it for analysis
· Use of Analytical techniques and Excel tools
· Graphical analysis
· What-if-analysis
· Statistical analysis
· Probability theory and its application to business challenges
· Decision Analysis
· Building Predictive Analytics Models and making forecasts using such Models
· Optimization techniques and their applications in different business situations
· Simulation

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