Kidville Nursery

United Arab Emirates

Kidville is a Certified Nursery catering to families with young children. Our programs are created by our team of early childhood development specialists, with a focus on play and social skills in a fun, clean, nurturing, safe and stimulating environment. The nursery was also nominated by Mother, Baby Child Magazine for the '2014 Best in Child Education' award.


Our nursery program is divided into 3 sections:


6 - 12 months

Our KVU for babies program guides babies through social skills within a playful setting. The class provides warm and consistent care to help infants to grow into curious, confident and able learners. A curriculum that stimulates their natural curiosity and sense of being through Music and Sensory play, encouraging self-exploration of various parts of the physical and social world.



2) KVU® JR.

12-24 months

The KVU® Jr. program guides walking toddlers (12 months and up) through social skills within a playful setting as they transition to school. The class offers a curriculum that stimulates their natural curiosity as they explore new ideas. Play centers such as blocks, dramatic play, a book corner, sensory and art, and small and big-muscle play encourage young children to touch, try, and think creatively.



2’s & 3's program

Kidville University (KVU) is our Nursery program which follows the Emergent curriculum inspired by Reggio Emilia approach. 
We implement the Emergent Curriculum, a curriculum that evolves, changes, and reflects the organic interactions and curiosities between the children, their teachers, and their environment. The curriculum is a process, developing as the children interact with what is relevant, meaningful and engaging to them. 
Reggio Emilia approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient. Rich with wonder and knowledge, there is a strong focus on social collaboration and promoting working in groups where each child is an equal participant.



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