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Though online music sales have been an exciting advent, most present systems suffer from the same problem. While the breadth of selection on iTunes or is exciting at first, they lack any quality filter. Much inspiring music may be available, but it is buried, and considerable amounts still remain untapped by even these seemingly all-encompassing sites.

GalleryAC is meant to be a different type of online music store. Instead of providing customers with anything and everything available, it will be fashioned as a boutique – limited quantities that are carefully selected by the Arts & Crafts staff and bands.

Initially, GalleryAC will feature the entire A&C catalog, with special audio exclusives, artwork and clothing. As time passes, it will expand to integrate digital, downloadable, rights-unrestricted music by artists from Canada and the rest of the world.

The key to this site is the fact that while no genre is off limits, we will be careful to accept only small numbers of releases at a time. GalleryAC is not a digital distributor that takes on the entire catalog of a label or even single artist. Rather, it will grow organically and with care, just as one's own personal collection expands.

To this end, GalleryAC's content will be inhabited and nurtured by the tastes of people who are closest to the site. Foremost, we hope to continue to be an ambassador globally for our great hometown – many favourite Toronto artists will find their content on this site. This will quickly grow to include our wonderful neighboring musical communities. GalleryAC will also showcase global hidden treasures that inspire the artists on Arts & Crafts. We'll even be seeking out older, out-of-print albums that are of special note to us for time on the site.

GalleryAC hopes to carve a niche for itself as a truly elite site for online music – one that is both free of the burden of trying to include everything, and also blind to constraints of genre or style. There has never been any shortage of great music scattered out there. But now you know where you can find it.

The charming boutique-style of retail has long been bulldozed away by the megastore – giant retailers that act as cost-cutting one-stops, placing everything under a single roof. It's great in theory, but anyone who has tried asking a Best Buy or Walmart employee about their products knows it fails in practice.

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