Leo Charanga | Cuban Salsa Academy

United Arab Emirates

Leo charanga is  Best Cuban Salsa Dancing academy in Dubai.Private and group Cuban salsa classes for adults and children.We have professional and expression Cuban salsa teacher or instructor.

Best Cuban salsa academy in Dubai is a feeling, a passion, danced with enjoyment and style, from the belly, and with love for flow and music. Each and every dance is a new story of meeting one another. And just like a good talk, it becomes an interaction of major, following and playing. Cuban salsa instructor in Dubai doesn’t just simply teach you how to dance Salsa steps and then move you into more tricky order… We totally submerge you in the transferable energy and true passion of this flow Cuban  salsa teacher in Dubai teach you about Cuban body action & dance attitude, That is the Salsa which we stands for: passion, fun, group, love, danceable salsa.

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