OURPLANET International School Muscat

Al Inshirah Street
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OURPLANET International School Muscat believes in creating lifelong learners that will build a better and more sustainable Oman and wider world.

Classes offered

OURPLANET International School opened in September 2013 with two classes and 20 children. By the end of the school year, the number of students had reached 40 and by school year 2014/15 was up to 100 children in seven classes. We offer the following classes: KG1, KG2A, KG2B, KG3A, KG3B, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Our teachers and leadership team are very experienced in running and operating international, bilingual and creative schools and hail from all around the world. We plan to extend our programme to include a secondary school in the near future, on a specially designed campus in Muscat.

School concept

OURPLANET International School Muscat aims to foster a multicultural and inquiry-led learning environment in English and Arabic that promotes sustainability and celebrates Oman’s unique cultural identity. We provide an educational programme that incorporates best practices of both local and international programmes of study, guided by the world-renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. We are an IB candidate school and in the coming years aim to become fully authorised as an International Baccalaureate World School. We strive to be a community that refines, promotes and practices skills and attitudes of global citizenship and community responsibility.

Language & Culture

Currently we maintain a balance of Omani and non-Omani students: 43% Omani and 57% international. This balance in our student body reflects our school’s motto “Omani Hearts and International Minds”. Of our 100 students, 53 are Arabic speakers and 47 are non-Arabic speakers. Our international academic programme allows our Omani and non-Omani students to build on their home culture. At OURPLANET, students develop critical and analytical thinking skills while concurrently enhancing their understanding of sustainability and their role in fostering a society of tolerance and commitment. The main language of instruction is English. All students will learn Arabic in one of our two strands: as a first language Arabic speaker or foreign-language learner. Omani students will generally be taught Arabic as a first language. Additionally they will also learn Islamic religion, social studies and life skills in accordance with the Omani Ministry of education. During that time, non-Omani students generally learn Arabic as a second language. Non-Omani, Arabic speaking students will have the option of joining either class. 

World Topic

Caring for our natural resources is one of the main challenges faced by today’s world. The name OURPLANET reflects our school’s World Topic “Sustainability”. We embed the theme of sustainability into the IB Primary Years Programme units of the inquiry through Project-Based Learning. The “3 R’s” are central to what we do: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. From KG1 onwards, through understanding our planet and protecting its resources, we believe that we can create eco-warriors who will be responsible adults of the next generation.

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