ISW Flyer

The International School of Warsaw is an educational haven, offering a community that is focused on providing students with personalized learning, a global environment and the tools to become a leader of tomorrow. Education often forces young learners to fit a mold. A mold that is static and ordinary. ISW facilitates the extraordinary, enabling students to exceed their potential through interactive, outdoor and immersion style classes. This oasis of open ground, fresh air and intellectual fruition, provides students with the opportunity to expand beyond the classroom and into the real world, where they’re faced with interactive situations that will transform them from student to expert, tourist to adventurer, learners to leaders.


Why ISW?

·       ISW is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization, which offers diplomas from 40 countries and is currently working on accreditation from the International Baccalaureate, the Council of International Schools and the European Council of International Schools.

·       ISW is the only school in Poland to offer the STEaM Program, which is an interactive, interdisciplinary program, engaging students in science, technology, engineering, fine arts, and mathematics.

·       We are partnered with various International Schools around the world, creating an educational network that’s available to all students.

·       Our Parent-Teacher Association is a platform for parents to provide their ideas, solutions and concerns, in order for ISW to maintain its community-based culture.

·       Our facilities are nearly unprecedented in Warsaw because of the campus and the location. Based on the outskirts of the city we escape the dense smog and city congestion, allowing our campus to be much more than a school environment, but an educational haven.

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