Imagine Montessori School

Calle Meliana, 5
Valencia, 46019
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At Imagine Montessori School we follow the British School curriculum, and our medium of instruction is English. Imagine Montessori School was founded in Valencia City.

We follow the approaches of the Montessori Pedagogical Method, a world renowned educational method centred on developing each child’s maximum potential through personalized education which responds to the needs and interests of each stage of development through sensory work, manipulation, movement and the development of determination, freedom and responsibility. Additionally, our Montessori teacher-guides will be provided with on-going training and professional development.

We develop our students’ practical, social and emotional sides, as well as their imaginative and cognitive abilities. We foster independence, respect, growth, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, a love of nature and the sense of belonging to a community.

Art, science and technology are included in all aspects of school life. Fine arts, visual arts, music and expression provide a crossing-over point for social interaction, an appreciation of beauty and an education of the senses. Along with science and technology, this allows us to feel and share our creative gifts, discovering and strengthening our talents. We acquire patience, adaptability, concentration and inspiration, a source of dreams and the building blocks of new realities.

Multigrade classes: Boys and girls learn in small groups with friends and classmates of different ages. There are many educationally positive aspects and advantages of Multigrade work: when children of different ages are together in the same educational space they prioritize ¨sharing instead of competing¨. A Multigrade space allows for mutual admiration, fostering the idea of the older children using their knowledge to help their ¨younger brothers and sisters¨ in a natural way, along with the ideas of fraternity, respect, friendliness and aiding the development of the younger learners.

We endeavour to create a relationship between the students and teachers which is close, positive, based on respect, responsibility, admiration and love. We want the children to be aware of their decisions and the consequences of these decisions, and to create an environment where self-discipline is the guiding force.

The members of the Imagine Montessori School educational community (the management team, teaching staff, students and families), will build a school which is open to discussion, respectful of the limits and role that each person has in the lives of those we have gathered to help: boys, girls and young students.

The management team and the teaching staff are ready and willing to accompany and cooperate with the families in the education of their children.

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