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GMAT-Zone Dubai:

 A Training organization for Standardized tests: GMAT, GRE,SAT,LSAT,UKCAT, BMAT

The Prep Zone  (GMAT –Zone) Approach was designed and delivered by Nagitha and Mícheál, the founders of a boutique management consultancy, themselves INSEAD MBA graduates. It is the distillation of their experiences in aceing the test themselves and succeeding in the demanding and competitive consulting industry.

The founders have developed technological and business strategies for clients in the UK, Spain, US, Canada, Singapore and Ireland. Their client list includes international industry, financial services, telecommunications and consulting, as well as giving skills acceleration workshops at INSEAD business school. From our experience, we know the standardized tests are essentially a test of focus and efficient allocation of personal resources: all your preparation revolves around being able to perform in those few hours - in the Zone.

The traditional approach to preparing for a standardized test, of simply going through many of each question type, is inefficient, no guarantee, and in our experience poor value for money. Preparing for your test involves, in addition to question practice, honing the same skills required for success in life and business: strategy, focus, and confidence. The Zone combines the breadth of exam questions available in a traditional course, but is equally complemented with mental centering and preparation techniques crucial to getting a top score.

Ace the GMAT test by:         

Improving your ability to prepare mentally by first focusing on the exam structure, types of questions, and answering strategies. Our overview demystifies the exam, makes the workload more manageable, and gets you off the starting block.

Developing time management and prioritization skills to allow you efficiently allocate time and energy to each question. This increases your productivity in the exam.

Practicing increasingly bigger and more difficult exams using the Zone cascading avalanche method to familiarize yourself with the pressurized exam environment.

Receiving feedback on your individual performance : where you are improving, and where to shore up your weaknesses.

Receiving online tools for self-practice outside class - practice is important.

Learning as individuals and as a team with other classmates.


29-02, Al-Attar Tower,

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