Elizabeth Moir School

4/20 Thalakotuwa Gardens
Colombo , 00500
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+94 25 122 752 512 109

Elizabeth Moir School is one of best schools in sri lanka  was founded in 1996. The Junior School has always been on Park Road and the Senior School moved from Guildford Crescent to Thalakotuwa Gardens in 2003.

Teaching our students how to learn is just as important as teaching them what to learn. Rather than simply loading their memory with the thoughts of others, we try to encourage all our students to think for themselves, to ask questions as well as providing answers.

To stretch the minds of our students and to keep them interested in their own education, we strive to make the classes as interactive and varied as possible. Different techniques of teaching are employed by different teachers who share the same objective - getting the best out of each student.

With the highest teacher to student ratio of all leading international schools in Colombo, we place considerable importance on individual attention. The results and efforts of each student are monitored at regular intervals, ensuring that underachievement is easily detected at an early stage.

At both the Junior and Senior Schools, our Heads of Department have been with us for a considerable length of time. This continuity has been one of the key reasons why the school has developed so smoothly in recent years.

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