Crossroads Christian Academy

Panama City
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Crossroads Christian Academy is an International Christian school located in Panama City, Panamá and offers quality K4-12th grade education. Our K4-5th grade classrooms are bright and colorful learning environments, especially designed for our young learners. We seek to engage students with hands-on activities, technological integration, and cultural awareness in order to promote an environment that meets individual needs. With our low teacher to student ratio, students are able to feel part of a caring community, while acknowledging the needs that surround us worldwide. Our middle school team is ready to help our students transition from elementary school to high school.The middle school years are a time of huge change and transition, and we are intentional about providing direction while also providing a “safety net” for making mistakes.  We want our students to be independent, responsible learners by the time they reach high school. Our high school students will experience a student-friendly, Biblically-based, multi-cultural environment that teaches students to think critically while developing spiritually, socially, and academically. Opportunities for development take place through academic rigor, small group discussions, athletic competitions, participation in the arts and music, community outreach projects, and one-on-one discipleship. We stress self-discipline and wise decision making.  Students develop skills that will help them to be effective in the world that they will encounter.  Following graduation, students will be prepared for an English-speaking, post-secondary education in any U.S. college or university. Students can also qualify for a local diploma giving them the opportunity to study in the local Panamanian and Latin American Universities as well.

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