Casa di Bambini Warsaw Montessori School

Badowska 19
Warsaw, 00-752
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+48 228 516 893

For children between the age of 2,5 and 6 years this is a very important time in their lives. This is the time during which they construct their personalities, their characters.

Children at this stage do not have (just as we do not) an inbuilt instinct of how to live their lives. Instead they have certain needs and tendencies which are universal. These are physiological, safety, social and ego satisfaction needs. At this level of development there are the general tendency to communicate, tendency for order and development of the senses.

These tendencies guide us how to serve the child's development. They guide us how toprepare the environment for the children. "How to make it the best for the smallest".

In the Montessori classroom we provide the materials and exercises, and the individual and group activities to serve these needs and tendencies.

Observation is a basic tool of the Montessori directress, thanks to which we are able to see the individual needs of children. We observe the little child and we know what to show him to make him interested. We present the material once and let the child work on his own.

At this stage they learn by absorption, so we present as much as we can. The child is building its intelligence. Between the age of 2,5 and 6 years she/he will learn 85-90% of what he will ever learn.

This is not to say that this is an educational system that simply values knowledge - we help the children to develop themselves as fully as they can. They need knowledge to live well, but they also need to be independent as well as to be part of the group.

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