Bogaerts International School

Sq. d'Argenteuil
Waterloo, 1410

Welcome to Bogaerts International School: a 100% bilingual education FR/EN, a campus 10 hectares big, a strong general knowledge and a promising professional and social future. Founded in 1970 and located in the stunning Domaine d’Argenteuil in Waterloo, the School takes students from Primary to Middle School.

Located on the same campus, the Scandinavian School of Brussels offers a Preschool service and the possibility to take the internationally recognised IB diploma. The School currently has a 97% success rate.


  • Deliver a global education with a solid foundation of general knowledge
  • Promote a healthy diet which means we only serve healthy food
  • Promote values and equity which means all students wear a school uniform
  • Guarantee success by fully preparing for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Cultivate relationships to build strong professional and social networks for a bright future

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