Izmir SEV Elementary School

Özel İzmir SEV İlköğretim Okulu
60/1 Sokak No: 2
Göztepe , 35290
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+90 2 322 481 405

Izmir SEV Elementary School is a private national school .It is a co-educational, day school .It was founded as K-8 school in September 1997 on the campus of The American Collegiate Institute The purpose of the foundation in establishing SEV school is to educate, nurture and take care of children and youth with the experience of one hundred twenty five years. 

The American Collegiate Institute (ACI), with over 125 years of educational excellence, traces its origins to 1878. ACI was initially founded by the American Board Heyeti (ABH) to serve as both a school and cross-cultural link between Turkey and the United States. In 1997, when the new Elementary Education Law was enacted, İzmir SEV Elementary School was established to carry on at elementary level the more than one hundred years worth of successful educational tradition and service of the American Board High-Schools. 

In addition to its strong academic program and language education, SEV Elementary 
Also offers many extra-curricular activities, sports clubs and committees for students to participate in. In 2004, SEV Primary joined CIS as a regular member,  SEV completed the Self-Study phase of the accreditation process, subsequently hosting the Team Visit in March 2007. CIS is widely recognized as being the leading accreditation body in international education. As of November 2007, SEV Elementary now enjoys the privilege of being the first CIS accredited elementary school in Izmir. 
Both schools are governed by the Saglik ve Egitim Vakfi, or the Health and Education Foundation. The Health and Education Foundation was founded in 1968 by the graduates of the American Board Schools, namely, the American Collegiate Institute in İzmir, the Tarsus American College and the Üsküdar American Academy. As an institution that takes strength in striving to make Turkey a modern and developing country Atatürk aimed to create, SEV aims to maintain high-quality health and education services that are rooted in more than one hundred years of experience. 

SEV is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting mostly of the graduates of American Board Schools, and by a Board of Directors appointed by the Board of Trustees. The members of both boards serve on a voluntary basis. 

The enterprises of SEV are the Üsküdar American Academy, the American Collegiate Institute in İzmir, the Tarsus American College, the Üsküdar SEV Elementary School, the İzmir SEV Elementary School, the Tarsus SEV Elementary School, the SEV Printing, Publishing and Education Trading Company, Inc. (SEV-YAY), and the Gaziantep American Hospital. 

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