Icademie International is the first Online International Business School. The business school offers degrees from the post BAC BAC + 5 in French, recognized by the state and in over 90 countries.

6 fields of study are offered:

  • Management, Communication and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Banking Finance Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Design & Digital
  • Foreign Languages

The school is distinguished by the unlimited international mobility offered to students: whatever the degree, the student can study anywhere in the world!

Indeed, the unique e-learning system to track its course when you want and where you want. America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, ... Any continent, country and city is a potential campus! This international experience to the card sticks to the expectations of recruiters seeking international and original profiles, which have both a recognized diploma and professional experience.

In addition to tracking students throughout the course some of the distance through coaching as VOR guardians Icademie International offers to take training while achieving NGO missions. Partners even offer to assist students wishing to create their own project or a humanitarian organization, social or environmental.

The flexibility of the schedule to associate studies and jobs, be it a job or a permanent job.

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