Dubai Institute of Business Management

Abu backer sidiqque road, Dubai
Salam street, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates Show map
+971 42 651 626 026 799 459

Dubai Institute of Business Management(DIBM) is a Corporate Resource Centre. With the vast reservoir of knowledge and expertise that is at the disposal of DIBM, it does and can help companies meet their organizational challenges. DIBM can look into issues, analyze and give situation specific solutions. Established in 1999 as a modest effort to cater to in-company competency development facility, DIBM has grown into a fully fledged resource centre catering large segment of UAE corporate enterprises. It has created a name for Quality Employee Education and has moved up the value chain to provide full range of management consulting services.

The Institute draws upon excellent faculty and consulting resource with a mix of consulting/ training and industry background. Apart from utilizing the in-house resources, the consulting and training resources are also out sourced from premier business schools, technical training institutes and industry from within and out side UAE.

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