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Mission Statement of SARDOGS NEPAL
The official registered name of our Not for Profit Company is "Search and Rescue Dog Handler's Academy of Nepal".Our brand name is SARDOGS NEPAL.

Our Articles of Association can be ordered  by e-mail on request by any interested organization or authority. Contact us!

The purpose of our Academy is to be a living and growing Scientifically Institution which functions as a South Asian Private Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness and Response Organization; allowing membership participation of public Organizations like  NGO's and GO's as well as privately concerned citizens with similar aims in Nepal and her neighboring countries. Working out a plan to educate remote communities to act  in tandem with our program for a first response like the Community Action for Disaster Response, (CADRE),

1. Training and· keeping standby·effective Nepalese Nation wide Disaster Response Units, Urban Search and Rescue Teams, Logistic standby mobile Medical Aid teams like a·Medical First Response Teams, Search & Rescue Dog Teams for missing·people in Nepal;  for individuals gone missing as well as for search & rescue of victims due to natural and man made disasters  inside Nepal and in it’s neighboring friendly countries, if these request·us officially for assistance .

2. Breeding and training of suitable search and rescue dogs of international known valuable pedigree and standards.

3. Establishing standby Mobile Disaster Response Units for times of need.

4. Establishing and maintaining breeding - and training kennels for high quality search &  rescue dogs (SAR DOGS) with modern internationally recognized standards, rules and regulations and with the support and help of professional SAR dog trainers and examiners from Nepal and abroad.

5. Teaching International standard search & rescue·plus disaster response science subjects and provide professional certificates for Nepalese (and·neighboring countries disaster response and aid-workers) by issuing their professional certificates.

6. Membership criteria for institutions.NGO's and Government Organizations at local and international level of participation will be announced in due course of time. Meanwhile individual local and international membership will be granted by registration at our website.

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