The Announcer Newspaper

The Announcer Newspaper online aims at providing  news publication that adheres to high ethical and professional standards and focuses primarily on those events occurring in Ghana. News will be objective, well written, well edited, sensitive, enlightening, challenging and useful. The newspapers will also act as a community forum for opinion, and will give high priority to celebrating the achievements of its readers.
The Announcer Newspaper is dedicated to providing a high-quality  newspaper online that our readers and advertisers find beneficial, informative, reliable and enjoyable.
We aim at providing advertisers with a high-readership product, good service, creative advertising layouts, and advertising opportunities that generate high return on the investment.
We are committed to excellence, integrity, progress, tradition and growth. The Newspaper is  full of current news.  We have  qualified reporters to bring you up-to-date news from Ghana and all over the world. Ghana's development  is our major priority.

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