Prakash Dasanur, Rock Garden

Shiggaon Rural
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Utsav Rock garden, a place blended with modern and contemporary art which portrays our old generation, their life style, culture, plays, professions, costume etc. “Utsav” the word itself defines the meaning festival. It is not only a leisure park but a hub of art, culture and education. It is the inimitable rock garden in the whole world. It has also got 8 prestigious awards.

This is a garden with more than 1000 sculptures which seems to be real. This is a marvellous place where layman and intellectuals will enjoy the art in the same path.  At the entrance, you will see a mudded hill with beehive and wheels of time. Move the wheels of time away and walk inside to see our ancestors’ traditional and cultural life which was calm and healthy. You feel yourself as if you are in 1920s. As you enter the rock garden, Kannada veteran actor Dr. Rajkumar’s hit films’ sculptures will steal your heart.  Dr. Rajkumar’s unforgettable roles like Mayor  Muttanna, Bedar Kannappa, Sanadi Appanna, Satya Harischandra, Huliya Halina Mevu, Bahaddur Gandu, Akasmika, Santa tukarama, Raghavendra swamy are so beautifully designed that they look as if Dr. Rajkumar is sitting here in the garden itself.  

Cute small children with different poses will overwhelm our imagination portraying different suggestions to us. One child is seeing towards sky and praying the god, other child signifies the famous quote - see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  The tree with sprinkling water, a place is given for birds shows the policy of live and let live.

Modern art museum, an indoor museum in the garden comprises of wide variety of arts made from pearls, painted on glass. The museum leaves the imagination to the viewers and their perception.

Marriage Hall is one of the excellent places of the garden. Indoor marriage hall seems to be a real marriage ceremony going on and people are busy in giving pose to the camera. The clicking sound of camera will add to the feeling of real marriage ambience. Look around; there are marriages rituals of all religions are photographed on all walls.  In model cow shed, different breeds of real size cows and buffalos are brilliantly designed. 

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