First Impression Artwork introduce 3 main lines of business, which are: Photography, Life Casting and Personolised Jewellery.


In photography, we mainly target newborns, toddlers, maternity and family types of shoot. Our key advantages in this line are very reasonable and competitive prices and superior quality. Moreover we provide photo shoot both, in a comfort of a home  and we provide beautiful studio to our clients, with different zones and plenty of accessories.


Life Casting is a unique line, where we offer two types of impressions 2D and 3D. 2D imprints are imprints of the surface of the palm or foot and 3D are complete sculptures of the entire hand or foot. We then offer clients customized framing, to make sure they are getting absolutely unique and one of a kind keepsake. All Materials we use are absolutely safe for even 1 day old kids. We are the largest and most reliable service providers in terms of life casting in UAE.


Jewellery Line is also absolutely unique. We have two types of jewellery to our valued clients – Miniature jewllery and custom made jewellery.


Miniature jewellery is a very unique service, and we are ONLY company to provide such a service in MENA. What makes miniature jewellery so special? Well imagine that we take an impression of child’s hand or foot and hen size it down to 1-2cm preserving all the details! We then create adorable jewellery pices, like rings, pendants, cufflinks and more. Parents now can take the precious memories with them, where ever they go!


Customized jewellery, is a jewellery that we create with our designers, and let our valued clients personalize it with engraved names of their kids, personal messages to let’s say dad or grandparents. We provide wide range of accessories, like bracelets, key chains, pendants and cufflinks


Overall First Impression Artwork, is a place, where you can treasure your memories it the most unique and charming way!

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