Auto Stamper: Timestamp Camera App for Photos ?

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Capture Happy Moments of your Life and make them enduring by adding 4 opulent watermark stamps on images with Auto Stamper. Up to now, we have successfully stamped 105 Million+ Photographs of our beloved users.


At a time, you can add up-to 4 custom stamps named "Date and Timestamp, Signature Stamp (Add a text to Photo), GPS Geotag Location Stamp and Copyright Logo Stamp" in a Photo and Save it from fading away in the darkness of your albums backup.


Why Choose Us?


105.2 Million+ lucrative stamps on photos up to now

#1 “Rated, Downloaded and Used” Android Application for Photo Stamping in Google Play Store

573k+ Downloads from every corner of the Globe


Previously, you may have tried several camera apps in photography for stamping but none of them would provide you the proficiency of adding customized personal stamps to Images snapped with Default Camera. Auto Stamper is the only application enriched with features like stamp color, format, positioning and size.


Check out some Appealing Features


4-in-1 stamp package!

Only application in Play Store to give Date and Time, Copyright Text Signature, GPS and Logo stamp in one Photo.


Use Default Smartphone’s Camera

Snap Photographs as you normally do using your Inbuilt Camera and preferred stamp will be inserted automatically.


Cool Date and Font formats

Select from 50+ classic choices for Date Time and Signature stamp formats to make your Photo look charming.


Adjustable Stamp positioning, color and  size

Designate the location of stamp, its size as well as the color in accordance with your Image background


Date and Time stamp


Auto insert exquisite Datestamp and Timestamp on your android Photos easily and swiftly with #1 Rated stamping app in Google Play Store. It’s extremely beneficial to watermark Date Time stamp on Pictures so while viewing them again after a year or two, you are still connected with those adorable memories of yours.


Date and Time is also the most used Universal stamp as per our stats and for the same we have enriched it with best laudable features that you will love to use. In addition, your smartphone camera will also double up as a date stamp camera to all the photographs you capture!


Copyright Signature Stamp


Thinking how to add text to Pictures? Your wait is over then! Add a Signature text on Photos in the form of copyrighted watermark stamp and protect it from any kind of misuse by others.


Write any text or words on pictures as per your convenience and insert it where you want from wide range of 8 corners choice with attractive color and text combinations.


You can create own personalized signature stamp of your name, company name, trademarks, copyright to claim intellectual property and many more so that no one can stake a claim on your Images. In addition, you can also SAVE those signatures to reuse them again in future.


GPS Map Camera Stamp


Add GPS Geolocation tag (Current or Custom) in your Pictures as per your liking's when you are at some exotic location celebrating an auspicious event.  GPS Map is used when the event is really special and you need to mark that location on Photo.


You just need to turn ON the Location in your android mobile phone and Auto Stamper will work as a GPS Map Camera for you.


Watermark Logo Stamp


Add a trademarked Logo stamp to your Photos and protect them from any kind of misuse or use by others without your prior permission. You can use this functionality and mark your Photograph as a Copyright Protected one.


Just select the Logo from your Gallery and insert it into your captured Photos with a click.  


Therefore, if you are fond of Photo Stamping, then there ain’t a better free picture app for you other than Auto Stamper. It can also be equipped as an astonishing Android Timestamp Camera because of the objective it fulfills.


It’s not necessary but, make sure that Application is not cleaned by any App Cleaner for Error-Free Stamping!

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