Netrouting Inc

Boyleweg, 2
Spijkenisse, 3208 KA

Netrouting provides Global Hosting and Data Services from Data Centers across Europe and United States, with over 7 years of experience in Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and more

Web Hosting

Netrouting offers 3 different Web Hosting Packages, these packages are set up to fit perfectly for both low end and high end purposes. Packages are brought up to modern specifications to answer to the high demand of quality web hosting with low pricing.

Virtual Private Servers

The Netrouting VPS platform uses the XenSource Kernel and is built with premium graded hardware from Dell and Supermicro for the Optimum Performance

KVM Cloud Servers for Cloud Hosting

Netrouting offers top of the line Cloud Services built on HP’s award winning c7000 series. KVM Powered Cloud Servers are ideal solutions for Application Hosting, Web Hosting, Software as a Service Providers (Saas) and various other heavy duty purposes.

Dedicated Servers

Netrouting offers you the finest hardware and connectivity at affordable pricing. Also wide range of hardware configuration options and connectivity features from the most prestigious countries in the world

High Performance Servers Colocation

Netrouting offers you a reliable and highly secure accommodation for your equipment with first class connectivity included. Netrouting guarantees optimal performance and availability of the data on your servers 24/7/365


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