Making email marketing more effective

Turn your email marketing into a customer nurturing, revenue generating machine with our email marketing automation software. 

At Websand, we help businesses drive deeper engagement with their audience and make more money from their email marketing.  It’s our mission to make email your #1 growth engine and source of revenue.   

How do you do that?

We’ve got three main advantages over you handling your own email marketing strategies. 

Knowledge - We’ve got a background in loyalty marketing so we know how to generate insight from data and behaviour, improve customer retention.  

Experience - Through Websand we’ve sent millions and millions of emails and been responsible for thousands of campaigns.  We’ve seen what works and we’ve seen what doesn’t work. 

Process - Using our tried and trusted marketing automation processes, we’ll help you identify those get the correct segmentation strategies in place so you can identify the customers that really matter and keep them coming back for more. 


If you are in e-commerce want to unlock growth from your business or just want us to check your email marketing is on point. We'd love to help so please get in touch.

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