Voito Studio is a visionary and courageous digital media agency in Scandinavia that understands people and time. Our mission is to make profit to our clients with the support of our strong network.

We identify growth opportunities. We gather and present information to support our insight. We monitor and optimize the media investments’ effectiveness. We measure and act on results.

Voito is a 100% Salomaa Group owned Finnish company, collaborating with both domestic and international clients. An agile and independent operator with a large group in the background.

We are pioneer in real-time marketing – RTB, PPC, SEO and other forms of performance marketing with emphasis on data-driven decision making, proactivity and true hands-on mentality. Proper Helsinki does it in real-time.

Modern marketing, especially digital, should always be result-oriented. Whereas already established agencies rely on old-fashioned offline media planning, buying of set banner placements and reporting after campaigns, Proper Helsinki is in business of maximizing cost-effectiveness and creating results with relentless optimization, proactive campaign running, constant analysis and sweating to reach goals that are agreed upon by clients.

All traditional media is expensive and incapable of providing the required transparency and cost-effectiveness; TV used to be enough to reach all targets but nowadays it has faced a tough competition, print advertising is in crisis, OOH creates a lot of contacts but they seem to be ineffective for online-oriented businesses etc. The only option is to take the real-time online marketing head-on and no longer hide behind old plans and static campaign running. The world has changed and so should every marketer. So if you want to be on board for the future, contact us.

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