We create better content – you get better results. TK101 Global is a digital marketing company who specializes in Chinese and Korean SEO. We’ve worked with small and medium companies to multinational corporations.

Our team will work around all governmental red tape, localize your brand, and optimize your web presence to ensure high visibility, relevance and appeal to your desired customers on Baidu, Naver, and Youtube.

Here at TK101 Global we believe in doing things right. 
But we also emphathize with the financial concerns of our clients. 
So we take into consideration short term ROI’s and provide value while we work towards the larger goal of lasting brand awareness in digital China and Korea. 

No more waiting a year or two before visible results as is the norm. 
It’s not always easy nor does it afford us prestige but we satisfy a common client pain point of short term returns without sacrificing long term gains. 

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