RetailAutomata Analytics Inc.

Khajrana Main Road
Indore, 452018

We have a breakthrough in Predictive Analytics for retailers, which enables us to generate accurate predictions of future buys of customers. Our product suite uses this analytical insight for sending individual customer offers providing the ultimate Omni-Channel Personalization.

RetailAutomata Analytics Inc. is a Big Data Analytics products company, The flagships Predictive Analytics Offerings are marketed under the brand name RetailReco.We provide retailers of any-size a complete eco-system of predictive analytics product suite. We have recommendation engine that predicts future buys of customers. Generated predictions are sent as individual offers on email, ecommerce site and mobile applications. Customers presented with exactly what they want to buy tend to buy much more. Retailreco tracks visitor behavior in online stores enabling merchants to tailor shopping experiences with automatic product recommendations based on individual behavioral data. RetailReco IntelliCore engine generates predictions which can boost revenue 20-50% higher. Campaign effectiveness with customer segmentation of 1 reduces marketing cost significantly. The product suite also has the most powerful shopping cart abandonment solution integrated. The Products are successfully deployed with SME retailers since 2013.


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