Markgenes Business Consulting

MarkGenes is a Market Intelligence and Business Consulting service provider based out of India.
We are a team of category specialists building market databases across industries on niche segments offering high-quality market research syndicated reports. The market research reports are generated after in-depth primary research surveys with stakeholders of the industry coupled with exhaustive secondary research of relevant publications like company annual reports, government policy documents and enormous proprietary databases which provides details of market size, market share, competition, pricing, valuations, trends, and forecasts.
MarkGenes also provides custom research-based consulting services. The services range from market exploration, new product development, market entry strategy, competitor analysis and much more.
Starting off as a bunch of research specialists providing market advisory services to our direct contact clients, we grew through repeat requests from clients, our client’s specific requirements, and references.
Every analyst in the team is a category specialist gaining experience through tons of market study, expert interviews, and supplier interaction. Our experienced market experts work as an extension of our arm providing exclusive and exhaustive market information on the specific category. Our supplier interaction provides an update on their profile and understanding and view of the market from their point of view.

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