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ClimbHigh SEO provides national and local SEO Services For businesses in Carlisle, Cumbria, the North East & Borders. The company works with your marketing team to make sure that we create an effective search marketing strategy that gets clients in front of their best customers when the buying urge is strong.

As the name might suggest, Climb High SEO are the search led digital marketing agency, who have a special relationship with outdoor and adventure businesses from Cumbria’s Lake District to Northumberland’s rolling hills.

Srarch Engine Optimisation is a long term investment in your brand’s digital visibility. Well implemented, it will help clients understand how your business satisfies their want!.

Projects with our clients almost always start with keyword research. This helps us and our client businesses to identify how potential buysers are searching for what the business offers. We are able to identify the most valuable clients' or customers' keywords and this data is used to guide the design of a well structured web site that sells what you offer!

When customers are in one… or a few, clearly defined locations, a locally focused digital marketing strategy will be essential for success. The local service helps businesses get found in the local search results for those all important mobile searches!

However good a website may be, obscurity or constant paid advertising is going to be required unless the site is able to gain digital authority! Attracting and earning backlinks from other websites is another vital service! Too many digital marketing campaigns are guided by business owners' gut-feelings. These insights are valuable but only come into their own when supported by data from our SEO audit services which can uncover the numbers and data that will improve a website's conversion rate! What gets measured gets improved!

Getting people to recognise a new brand name can be a challenge in a noisy marketplace. Local press releases help but rarely give backlinks. Powerful digital PR strategies can boost your backlink profile through placements in high authority websites; that in turn lift client's website authority. Content is still king and ClimbHigh SEO can support a company's content marketing strategy. When hard pressed staff are short of inspiration to write a blog post, or you have no idea how to tune the next press release to what the crucial audience is looking for our keyword data and experienced writrs can support your content production process!

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