Ampliz is a B2B Sales Intelligence platform that helps clients from all across the globe to meet their lead generation needs. We help our clients understand and identify their prospects with enriched data-driven insights. 


Our healthcare email lists are now the top searched data in the USA. Our Healthcare Database Intelligence platform helps you in more segmented, customized and personalized searching features where you can reach your prospects on a micro-level. 


Our Categorized Physicians Listings is a gem house to be explored. We provide you with extensive coverage of Physicians/Doctors Mailing Lists with classified specialties that help you connect the right prospect and close multiple profitable deals. 


With Ampliz you get the largest set of quality US Healthcare Database that helps you navigate through the busiest crowd and outreach the key decision-makers that contribute to the growth of your healthcare business. 


You Can Access our high-quality data of the US’s top Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Executives, and HealthTech Providers and see your growth multiplying.

What Makes Ampliz Stand Out of the Crowd of Healthcare Database Providers?


  • Advance Data Mining: We collect data from credible data sources through the integration of advanced data mining techniques by 1000+ data miners. 

  •  AI-Enabled Quality Checks: We perform AI-enabled quality checks through patented AI models on the data compiled to make sure we deliver the best data.

  • Global Data Policies: Our every single data strictly adheres to global data policies such as CCPA, GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-SCAN-SPAM.

  • Highest Fill Rate: Our healthcare intelligence platform delivers you the highest filled rate of 100+ data points from different categories. 

  •  98% Accuracy: We have set a benchmark of delivery data with an average accuracy rate of 98%.

  • Data Privacy: Our data is processed and stored with multilevel security checks that protect our data from any type of privacy violations or leakage.

  • Updated Data: We always keep a close eye on our database and keep updating them every 30 days so that you never get invalid data. 

  • Extensive Coverage Analytics: With 20+ years of industry experience, we give you extensive coverage of prescription data in the healthcare industry.

  • Segmented Database: With leveraging technology and advanced mechanisms, we give you a rich segmented database to access with ease.

We provide all healthcare email marketing lists in the healthcare domain.

  1. chiropractors email list

  2. dentists email list

  3. dermatologist email list

  4. doctors email list

  5. health search

  6. hospital email list

  7. Psychiatrists Email List

  8. Pediatric Dentists Email Lists

  9. medical institutions email list

  10. nurses email list

  11. obstetrics email list

  12. oncologists email list

  13. ophthalmologists email list

  14. orthopaedists email list

  15. pharmacist email list

  16. physician email list

  17. physiotherapist email list

  18. plastic surgeon email list

  19. podiatrist email list

  20. prescribed medicine doctor search

  21. prescription intelligence data

  22. urologist email list

  23. acupuncture mailing lists

  24. addiction medicine specialists email list

  25. adolescent medicine specialist email list

  26. advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist directory

  27. aerospace medicine specialists email list

  28. allergist and immunologist email list and mailing list

  29. alternate care specialist email list

  30. anatomical and clinical pathology specialist email list

  31. anesthesiologist email list

  32. art therapist email list

  33. athletic training email list

  34. attendant care email list

  35. audiologist email and mailing database

  36. bmc remedy users email list and mailing list

  37. brain injury medicine specialists email list and mailing list

  38. cardiologists mailing list

  39. cardiothoracic surgeons email list and mailing list

  40. cardiovascular technologist email list and mailing list

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