Swedish Me Steel Pvt. Ltd.

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Swedish ME Steel is a leading provider of special steel and complete maintenance solutions in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent with over 20 years of experience in the region.
With the head office in the UAE with customers spread across the region, Swedish ME Steel offers highly local and highly technical service. This is made possible with experienced and qualified professionals. Swedish ME Steel serves a wide range of customers in segments including mining, cement and concrete industry, steel and aluminium production, automotive, heavy transport, moulding, and oil and gas.

Over the last few decades there have been tremendous developments in production efficiency, service life analysis, and machining technology. But what about the steel?

Most of the steel in the market is based on specifications too old to keep up with the realities and requirements of today’s workshops and end customers. Toolox is a modern, ready to use engineering and tool steel designed to address exactly this. Based on a low alloy concept, Toolox offers best in class crack resistance, dimensional stability, and precision. And it allows you to eliminate the heat treatment process.
Swedish ME Steel is official distributor of Toolox 44 and Toolox 33.

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